Welcome to Tutorial Works! This is a website about programming and engineering, founded by me, Tom Donohue. (I’m on the right)

I’m a developer and blogger. I specialise in all-things DevOps, containers and Java development.

I love writing and building websites like this one!

The mission

This is a website dedicated to helping you go build stuff! I publish tutorials and articles to help you understand the how and why of technology.

My favourite topics to write about are DevOps, containers and Kubernetes.

I write to tech everything I know, from architecture and design patterns, to development and troubleshooting.

I publish guides to help you make technical decisions and do stuff; whether you’re a first-time engineer, or a seasoned architect.

The mission: to help you make the best use of technology, in order to build and deploy modern apps. 🚀

The rules

I have set a few ground rules for this site, to give a bit of direction:

  1. Always be useful.

  2. Write in plain English.

  3. Don’t be boring.

If I ever stray from these, you have to tell me.

And, if you want to get in touch….

Get in touch

I welcome your comments and feedback! To get in touch, please use the contact form 📨.

Or you can find me on Twitter @monodot.

You can also check out my personal blog, or connect with me on LinkedIn!