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🧊 Containers & Docker

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How To Communicate Between Docker Containers

Understand how a Docker container can talk to its container friends, by setting up a network. Includes a real example.

Why use Containers?

What are the benefits of using Docker containers, and what are containers used for?

The differences between Docker, containerd, CRI-O and runc

The container ecosystem is full of terms you're expected to know. We've decoded them for you.

☸️ Kubernetes

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The Best Places to Learn & Try Kubernetes Online

Learning Kubernetes can seem challenging. But fear not! Here's a boatload of resources that will help you get there.

How do Pods communicate in Kubernetes?

A tutorial on how to get your application Pods in Kubernetes to talk to other Pods, by using Services.

Kubernetes ImagePullBackOff error: what you need to know

Find out what the ImagePullBackOff error means in Kubernetes, and how to fix it.

The 7 essential stages of a CI/CD pipeline

The key activities that make up a solid, dependable CI/CD pipeline for your code

The best DevOps books (to adorn your desk)

Pick up a book and expand your knowledge with these top DevOps titles.

The Big Guide to... Getting Into DevOps

DevOps is a confusing yet beguiling career choice. Find out how to start your career in DevOps with this guide.

Run a web server in a Linux VM with Vagrant [Learning Project]

Learn Linux and virtualisation basics by deploying a website in this tutorial.

45 Essential Linux Commands (with Examples)

Whether you're a Linux noob or expert, give your brain a boost with this list of useful Linux commands.

What is Linux?

Understand what Linux is, and the fundamental parts you should know about.

The Field Guide to the Java Ecosystem

Beyond 'Hello World': a no-nonsense guide to building and supporting Java apps today.

Java IDEs: The Definitive Guide (and Top Picks)

Not all IDEs are created the same, so if you're writing Java code, make sure you choose a good one.

Java frameworks: Spring vs Quarkus

Most Java applications are developed using a framework. Learn about the top ones here.

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