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So grab a beverage, explore the site, and level-up in DevOps engineering, Linux, automation, developing and shipping cloud-native apps (and everything in between).

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The Big Guide to... Getting Into DevOps

DevOps is a confusing yet beguiling career choice. Find out how to start your career in DevOps with this guide.

DevOps Project Ideas

A career in DevOps is all about building a broad skill base and understanding. Use these project ideas to invest in yourself and get that...

Linux for DevOps: What You Need to Know

Worried about touching a Linux terminal? Don't know where to start? Find out what you need to know about Linux for DevOps.

The differences between Docker, containerd, CRI-O and runc

Let's answer the question of Docker or CRI-O, and other common questions about different container runtimes

The Best Places to Learn & Try Kubernetes Online

Learning Kubernetes can seem challenging. But fear not! Here's a boatload of resources that will help you get there.

Guide to Containers: Why and how to use them

What are Docker containers, and what are they used for in the real world? We take a look.

The 7 essential stages of a CI/CD pipeline

The key activities that make up a solid, dependable CI/CD pipeline for your code

How To Communicate Between Docker Containers

Understand how a Docker container can talk to its container friends, by setting up a network. Includes a real example.

Why Does My Docker Container Stop?

Understanding the lifecycle of Docker containers, and why they will, sooner or later, come to a stop.

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