Java is a language and environment for running applications.

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How to create a simple HTTP server in Java with Undertow

Create a very lightweight Java web server, which packages to a small fat-jar, under 3MB; ideal for learning or demos

How to Trust an SSL Certificate in Java

If there's one thing most people find hard, it's SSL certificates! In this tutorial, discover the easy way to ensure Java trusts a remote host,...

How to find out where a Maven dependency comes from

Need to know exactly which libraries and dependencies your Java project is using? Maven knows that. Here's how find out.

How to create a JAR file with Maven in IntelliJ

Want to compile your app into a Java archive (JAR)? Here's how.

How to download all Maven dependencies into a folder

Want to get a copy of all your project's dependencies? Here's how.

Maven POM template - an example

Try this example Maven project file to bootstrap a new Java project.