People sometimes ask me what are my recommended resources for engineers and tech bloggers. So here’s my collection of resources I use and recommend, and that I think you will find useful.

Coding and development

IntelliJ IDEA for Java: I truly think this is the best IDE for Java (see my rundown of the top Java IDEs). I’ve tried others, Eclipse and even Visual Studio Code, but neither of them compare. IntelliJ has much better code analysis, Maven integration, automatic opinionated code formatting, and it just feels really ergonomic to use.

Screenshot of IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ is my recommended IDE for Java development


If you’re thinking of starting your own blog, I can only recommend that you go for it and take action! I absolutely love blogging and sharing what I know.

Jekyll - static site generator: This website is published using Jekyll, which is a static website generator. It turns plain Markdown files into snazzy HTML! So you can write all of your content in plain text files, and publish your entire site very quickly. It has a learning curve, but I really like using it.

Netlify: The website is published with Netlify. Netlify is a static site hosting service, which you can get started with for free. Connects your Git repository, and Netlify will build, publish and host your static site for you. They have an excellent free tier.

That’s it for now, thanks for checking out this page! I’ll keep this page updated with recommendations as I use them.